►Area Enumeration Survey on Agricultural Statistics for Khariff  season  for  the  year  2017-18 is being conducted.

►Census of Govt. Employees for assessing the Volume of employment in Public sector such as Central/State Governments / autonomous bodies / Corporate bodies as on 31st March 2017  is under progress.

►Selection for Crop Estimation Survey of Paddy - Khariff  2017-18 is under progress.
►National Sample Survey 74th Round Phase II (Establishment Focused Survey on Service Sector)  is being conducted.
►Data Collection work is in progress for the following Periodicals :
      -Puducherry at a Glance 2018.
      -Statistical Hand Book 2016-17
►Data Collection for Estimation of SDP for the year 2016-17 in respect of all sub-sector level is going on.
►Field work of 10th Agriculture Census 2015-16 Phase III is undertaken
► Preparation of Budget in Brief for 2017-18 is in progress.