The Citizen’s Charter, third in the series, contains performance and Progress on the vision – Mission – Goals – Services and Field activities on Data Collection, co-ordination and collation and dissemination within and outside the Union Territory

This Directorate was set up in 1957 with the nomenclature Bureau of Economics and Statistics.

·         Functions as Statistical Authority and Nodal Agency.

·         Serves as a focal point of information for formulation of sound policies and perspective Planning by the administration on various topics/subject matters.

·         Acts under the guidance of Central Statistical Organisation – National Sample Survey Organisations – National Building Organisation – New Delhi, and Labour Bureau Simla for implementing the Central Schemes and Surveys.

·         Keeps close liaison with various Ministries at the Centre and implements Centrally Sponsored Schemes as per their directives.

·         Controls the Regional Offices at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.

·         Renders effective database in management and information networking services to the user agencies through modern communication gadgets.

·         Statistical techniques drastically improved and simplified over the past decades.

·         Uses extensively of Computer facilities – Kiosk touch screen – Mini-printing facility for efficient and timely data submission to Government and other organisation/Agencies.

·         Consists both statistical data collection wing and Programme Implementation (Monitoring) Wing with the following responsibilities.

1.Estimation of State Domestic Product

2.Collection of Agricultural Statistics

3.Collection of Price Statistics

4.Conduct Socio-Economic Surveys including Evaluation Studies.

5.Compilation of Indices relating Industries and

6.Dissemination of standardised data on various official statistics through periodical publications.