Immediate task to set up Statistical System capable of filling up of large data gaps towards formulating effective Plans on every developing socio-economic activities.

         On par with other states/union Territories in the Official Statistical System, this Directorate compete to be recognised as an efficient apex organisation for timely dissemination of data with reliable and credible statistics to all users

         Technical Sections constituted with full fledged Staff and equipments but with a view to enhance survey capability to collect data from related field through trained persons.

         Laying down and maintenance of Statistical norms and Standards and establishing liaison with central, State and other agencies on development of statistics on various socio-economic aspects.



         To maintain statistical standards and reorient the process in Collection Compilation of Primary and Secondary data on Socio economic characteristics of the Union Territory of Puducherry.

         To collect, coordinate, collate and disseminate credible and timely statistics by bringing out publications on various topics with facts and figures highlighting the data on time series so as to formulate suitable Plan schemes and for evolving policy decisions.

         To create and maintain data archives for data dissemination through the computer systems full utilization and comprehensive data base both at macro and micro level for quick dissemination of information to user organisations.

         To instil the contents of the touch screen Kiosk in the Main office at Puducherry and sub-offices at Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam regions and to serve to the data users directly.

         To promote human resource development in Official statistics and encourage research and development in theoretical and applied statistics