Flow of data to the following Organisations/Departments:

1.      Central Statistical Organisation, New Delhi.

2.      National Building Organisation, New Delhi.

3.      Labour Bureau, Simla.

4.      Directorate of Economics and Statistics of various States and Union Territories of India.

5.      State and Central Government Departments.

6.      Semi-Government Organisations.

7.      Private Agencies and Research Scholars on their requirements.

8.      Statistical Cells functioning in various major departments/offices to cater to their needs by collection, compilation, and dissemination of data pertaining to the concerned Department/Office Censuses Conducted:

9.      Economic Census (Quinquennial)

10.   Agricultural Census (Quinquennial)

              Aims to collect the data as per the Government of India instructions on enumeration basis and provide the information of the State’s Economic indicators.

              Periodic Evaluation studies undertaken to facilitate efficient and improved implementation of Plan schemes for the Welfare of Public by the Government.

Committees Constituted:

  •   A high level co-ordination committee for Improvement of Crop Statistics.

  •   State level co-ordination Committee on Annual Survey of Industries.

  •   High powered Price Monitoring Cell for the Union Territory

  •   A steering Committee for conduct of Economic Census

  •   State Co-ordination Committee for Monitoring and Co-ordinating the work related to Agriculture Census.

  •   Web Board Constituted.